Roll Noodle is a favourite food of foreign tourists. The main ingridiants are cool rice paper, beef and herbs so quite easy to eat. Roll noodle creates a different taste comparing with other popular noodles you haven known.

This delicious dish sold in many places, but the most famous shop is still at Ngu Xa, Ho Tay, Truc Bach area…

In Hanoi, where you can have delicious roll Noodle? Please refer 4 delicious addresses in Hanoi as below;

pho cuon hanoi 1

1. Phở cuốn Hưng Bền – Hung Ben roll noodle

Hung ben roll noodle is located in Ngu Xa village, Truc Bach lake. Noodles looks very nice and quite similar together. Rice paper is very chewy but soft. Beef is fried and placed together with vegetable, herb inside. It’s so nice to eat with sauce, you will feel roll noodle here fresh, fragrant and salt enough.

One of the best attractions of the restaurant is the sauce. It’s very tasty, sweet and sour.

The menu of the restaurant has many dishes, but more popular is still roll noodle, noodle soup and fried eggs.

2. Phở cuốn Hương Mai – 25 Ngũ Xã

Slice noodles with vegetables and beef inside can be eaten with sweet and sour sauce and a few slices of papaya. You’ll feel very light and delicious. Romantic atmosphere of Truc Bach Lake, The noodle roll recipe is made with the delicious traditional secret. Waiters serve friendly and enthusiastically.

3. Phở cuốn Thanh Hằng – 29B Ngũ Xã

Phở cuốn Thanh Hằng is  known as the address that many people come to enjoy delicious noodles. It is located at 29B Street, Ba Dinh Ngu Xa, wide front so you do not have to worry about parking .The menu are also varied with dishes like rolling noodles, fried noodles …

After come here to enjoy noodles, guests always feel tasty and really appreciate the attitude of dedicated service attentive. Roll Noodle also been wrapped up beautifully ingenious along with sauce fit makes the dish become more delicious. Each disk include 10 pieces, are arranged neatly on a fairly long disk. When eating, we feel the delicious taste of the raw material on each soft and chewy noodles.

4. Phở cuốn Duy Mập – 79 Trúc Bạch

Pho Cuon Duy Map have extremely airy space so guests can come and enjoy the comfort without worrying about parking places & space eating.

Each piece is wrapped with rice noodles stir-fried beef, cucumbers and lettuce, ending with sweet and sour sauce makes the dish more attractive. When eating, we feel the stronger taste of spicy, sweet taste of beef, ginger aroma and taste of cucumber cool, and fresh vegetables. Bite chewy noodles chewy pieces with all delicious taste more, making us want to come back more times.