Phu Tay Ho (Tay Ho Temple) is located on a peninsula that just in the middle of the West Lake shore in Hanoi. It is a popular destination, especially on the first and 15th of each lunar month when many pilgrims come to pray and show their worship. It was said to be built in the 17th century, may be later. Phu Tay Ho is dedicated to the Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh, one of the Four Immortals in Vietnamese mythology.

Visitors come here not only for worshipping but also relax and enjoy the fresh atmosphere and landscape in the middle of a bustling Hanoi. Do not miss open-air shops, just beyond the temple’s entrance, serve delicious dishes like bun oc (snails and rice vermicelli soup), oc xao chuoi dau (starchy green bananas with tofu, scallions and herbs). Banh tom (crisp shrimp) is available throughout the country but it is best to have it at West Lake, around Phu Tay Ho temple.


Phu Tay Ho temple festivals is held annually from the 3rd to 7th day of the third lunar month attracting thousands of people for worshiping and enjoy many traditional activities like writing prose contest, chầu văn singing, musical instrument playing, and singing.

Address:  Dang Thai Mai street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Entrance fee: Free