Late in 1993, Mai Gallery Hanoi was opened as the first private art gallery Hanoi in the main Old Quarter. The owner – Ms Mai was imbued with the great currents of artistic thought from her father – Mr Duong Tuong – a popular poet that time. The spirit was both encouraged by the Government and society as expression of this great country’s long and passionate search for modern independence. Followers of Vietnamese art are many now, especially the generations of artists, and they find that Mai Gallery has been losing none of its enthusiasm, perseverance and courage since it was born. And even its development with new trend of art nowadays that the collectors need more than introductions, they need advice, knowledge and forewarning. The great profusion of contemporary art presents bewildering choice and challenges of style. Mai Gallery sits comfortably and proud to be on top of flowering enigma and it’s building a network of long term followers by its own creation.


More information about Mai Gallery:

Add: 113 Hang Bong street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Tel: (84-4 ) 39 380 568
Mobile: ( 84 ) 909 180 870



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