Kim Lien Pagoda in Nghi Tam

Kim Lien Pagoda (also known as Dai Bi Tu, Dong Long Pagoda) is situated in Nghi Tam village, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. In the 13th century in the Tran Dynasty, the pagoda was constructed on the foundation of Tu Hoa Palace which was built by King Ly Than Tong for his Princess Tu Hoa. In 1771, Lord Trinh Sam ordered to renovate the pagoda and changed its name to Kim Lien. The pagoda is dedicated to both Buddhist and Princess Tu Hoa.


Rated as one of ten most impressive ancient architectures in Vietnam, Kim Lien was designed with the combination of three pavilions, each of which has 2 roof layers. These pavilions were also built in the slight curved shapes. In addition of its nice disposition, the gate of Kim Lien Pagoda is also a symbol of the sophisticated and elegant architecture.

In the airy space tinged meditation, a visit to Kim Lien Pagoda would make visitor relaxed in the Buddha realm. You will find the extremely serenity in tranquility of the pagoda.

Address: Nghi Tam Village, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Entrance fee: Free