One of the most important must-know for travelers is weather of the places that they are going to. So check here for Hanoi weather to get the guidelines for your thing preparations.

Hanoi features a warm humid subtropical climate with plentiful precipitation. The city experiences the typical climate of northern Vietnam, where summers are hot and humid, and winters are, by national standards, relatively cold and dry.

Hanoi Climate: Situated in a tropical monsoon zone, Hanoi climate is realized with two distinguished seasons:
+ Dry season, from October to April, it is cold with little rain; except from January to March, when the weather is still cold but there is some light rain.
+ Rainy season, from May to September, is hot with heavy rains and storms.
Even though people still talk about Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter when talking about weather of Hanoi

4 Seasons
+ Spring: Lasting from February to April, Hanoi’s spring is humid and wet with drizzles
+ Summer: lasting from May to August (July is the hottest month)
+ Autumn: Fall is considered the most beautiful and romantic time for travellers to visit Hanoi. This season is quite short, typically from middle of September to the end of November
+ Winter: The cold weather of Hanoi will start from December and may last until late February
+ The average annual temperature is 23.2°C (73.7°F) and the average annual rainfall is 1,800mm.
+ The average temperature in Spring normally ranges from 15 to 20 Celcius degree.
+ The average temperature in summer is 29.2°F (84.6°F), but can reach up to 39°C (102.2°F).
+ With the average temperature in Fall is 25 degree
+ The average temperature in winter is 17.2°C (62.9°F), but can go down to 8°C (46.4°F).