Along with street cuisine of France Nice, beer Vancouver street food in Penang (Malaysia), street food Hanoi was included in the list of 10 cities with the best food tour in the world by website

The best and fastest way to understand the cuisine of a destination, a city is immerse in the sidewalks food and street food.

Why is street food Hanoi so attractive?


Hanoi is the birthplace of many culinary dishes of Vietnam as “Pho”, “Bun Cha” and Hanoi is voted as one of the best cuisine places in the world. Visitors can easily find a place to eat or food to eat right on street side in Hanoi, and some Hanoi food streets are known as paradises for food. The dishes are not to be missed in Hanoi: Bun cha “Noddle with grilled pork and crab spring roll” Pho “noddle with beef or chicken”, Bun Rieu “Noddle with crab”, Chan ga nuong “Chicken feet”, Xoi “Sticky rice”, Caffee da “Café”, Nem cua be “noddle crab” Chao Ca “Fish soup” Banh cuon “pancake” or Muc nuong “Squid”. Those are popular food that local people eat between meals and for breakfast.

Where are places to eat in Hanoi?

Hanoi is known as a street life city. Shops are open every street and small store are available every places you pass through. You will also find a lot of local vendors with baskets on head or on their shoulder that hold goods they’re selling along the road. You can easily find food to eat in Hanoi from a small store on the street side to famous Hanoi food streets but no need to enter a restaurant. (US$ 1 to 2 per one bow of noddle)


Our culinary tour often starts from the Chau Long market, Hanoi. If you choose accommodation far from the old quarter, we will pick you up at your hotel or at the meeting point near the Chau Long market. This location is located in the “labyrinth” old town before reaching the venue to enjoy the famous dishes like beef noodle soup, pancakes and rolls. Chau Long market is open for the whole day with varied food that chosen by local people who love traditional flavor. We also recommend noddle with mice crab and seasonal vegetables which we – Hanoian vote as one of the best food in Hanoi.

This culinary tour usually ends at Duy Tri shop with yogurt famous coffee that is special delicious in cool summer days or at Giang egg caffee that should only drunk in cold winter days.

Almost of our guests to Hanoi from local relatives from other parts of country or foreigners are excited to explore every corner to find places to eat but we believe that only our guides know exactly where is the best places to eat in Hanoi.

A specialist travel site recently propose a list of 10 enchanting street food in Hanoi for foreigners and with our experience.



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