Referring to the famous tasty noodle shops in Hanoi, the local noodle lover think of the names of the streets. Please refer the below longstanding tasty noodle shops.

1. Bún chân gà rút xương phố Mai Hắc Đế (noodle with boneless chicken feet)


Address: 45A Mai Hac De Street, Hanoi.

Close to the intersection with Tue Tinh Street, the restaurant has been opened for dozens of years and always be crowded. “Specialty” makes people remember this place is just a simple dish: chicken feet. Chicken feet are cleaned and crispy. You hardly find a similar place which sells noodle soup with boneless feet like this one.

2. Bún tôm phố Cửa Đông (Shrimp noodle)


Address: No 2 Cua Dong, Ha Noi
Shrimp noodle here is very delicious because of boiled shrimp water. You’ll feel sweet, nice flavor from the broth. Fresh shrimp mixing with dried shrimp, wood-ear, and bean sprouts creates a shrimp bowl that always makes customers satisfied.

3. Bun thit nuong phố Tô Hiến Thành (rice noodles with grilled pork)

bun-thit-nuong-to-hien-thanhAddress: #3 To Hien Thanh Street, Hanoi.
Bun thit nuong has similarities with bun cha but difference lies in soup. It’s considered to be the soul of barbecue bun Hue. Soup here really makes noodle bowl with delicious flavor, tasty and very Hue style.
In the bowl of the Hue sauce has the sour, sweet, fleshy, spicy, bitter, tart, which Mrs. Huong – the shop’s owner reveal that in order to have so special soup, they use dozens of different types of materials. The food can only perceive some of the fat such as butter, peanut dates, aromatic garlic, a little taste of soy sauce noodles … Hue barbecue sauce has no shrimp sauce like many other sauces. You can reduce the amount of spicy soups in bowls but if you want to eat spicy like a real chili bowl of Hue, add more chili that is available on table.

4. Bún sườn nấm phố Lò Đúc (Noodle with ribs and mushroom)

12bunsuonsun_1 Address: 76 Lo Duc Street, Hanoi
The restaurant is located at the intersection with Hoa Ma Street. This place is for mushroom lovers to enjoy mushroom sticky rice, mushroom soup, and noodle with ribs and mushroom. Tasty broth, fresh mushrooms, soft and delicious rib are the main reasons that attract its guests. A disadvantage is that the space is quite small but clean and service is nice and enthusiastic.

5. Bún cá rô đồng phố Đặng Tiến Đông (Noodle with climbing perch fish)

Bún cá rô đồng Address: 25 Dang Tien Dong Street, Hanoi
Vietnamese like to eat fish living in the field because it has favorable qualities in their muscle meat. Bun ca at Dang Tien Dong only uses this kind of fish to make such a delicious noodle dish. Sliced fish here are very fragrant, crispy and fatty. The most special feature is that fish are fried without dredging in flour so the flavor is very natural.
The best time to eat fish noodle is in winter and spring.

6. Bún bò Nam bộ phố Trần Quốc Toản (Southern beef noodle)

Bún bò Nam bộAddress: 47 Tran Quoc Toan Street
This was one of favorite dishes of many locals. The price of a beef noodle bowl is up to 35,000 VND. This stall is always crowded thanks to its flavorful sauce. They only cook when they receive your order in order to ensure you have a hot bowl of Southern beef noodle.

7. Bún mọc gà phố Nguyễn Chế Nghĩa (Chicken noodle)

Bún mọc gà Address: Opposite Ngo Si Lien school, Ham Long Street
Located on a quiet side street but this store is always crowded. Not only by the quality and reasonable price, chicken noodle soup here is a creative combination between chicken meat and dried bamboo shoots that brings a very harmonious blend. The dishes are made of shiitake, crunchy wood-ear, gio song (uncooked pork pounded into a paste), sliced chicken meat and dried bamboo shoots used instead normal vegetable like other restaurants.

8. Bún thang phố Hàng Trống (Vermicelli Soup with Chicken, Egg, Pork)

Bún thang Address: No. 22 Hang Trong Street, Hanoi
Bun thang includes ingredients such as noodles, Vietnamese sausage, thinly fried eggs, shredded chicken, mushrooms are presented with broth. The price is about 25.000 dong.

9. Bún đậu ngõ Phất Lộc (fermented shrimp paste with fried tofu and rice vermicelli)

bun_dau_ok Address: 49 Phat Loc, Hanoi
There are thousands of places in Hanoi selling fermented shrimp paste with fried tofu and rice vermicelli, in which some names have been well known. Phat Loc is one of the best shops that people can’t miss. This shop belongs to a family business and lasts for more than 20 years.
The secret of this brand is in smooth, fragrant and juicy tofu from Mai Dong village (now in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) and fermented shrimp paste from Thanh Hoa province with pink color and special taste.



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