Bia Hoi or Vietnam fresh beer is freshly brewed every day and delivered to small bars and establishments in metallic kegs or plastic jugs to be then later on enjoyed by the locals, drunkards, and foreign drunkards – but as soon as possible (no joking) as these beers have no preservatives so they must be consumed in a day (why not!). That is why it’s REAL ‘fresh beer’. You can easily find the beer establishments throughout Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. And the beer has its best taste at Ta Hien street, or known as “Pho Tay” – International Crossroads.

bia hoi
Bia Hoi or Vietnam fresh beer

Entering the Pho Tay to enjoy this Hanoi beer, the first impression will make you feel uncomfortable – small tables with such short plastic seats in a big crowd. But you will soon love this great feeling. Sitting by a cup of beer, watching the city lighting up, and the streams of vehicles running across the street in a hurry, you can see a beautiful & lively Hanoi.

Ta hin at night

Hanoi beer – Hanoi fresh beer is not just a beer to Hanoi people, it’s a way of life and a great social experience. You can enjoy it while bonding with your new local friends (or drunkards) who may most likely not speak a word to you if they were sober.



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