Bun cha is a signature dish of Hanoi people with special and delicious taste, it is certainly an indispensable food added to the list of Hanoi culinary. Being famous dish and long traditional exist in Ha Thanh, many people even go away as well as travelers to the capital are difficult to forget the delicious taste of fried noodles.

This dish can be used at any time during the year and be easily found in shops across the street, corner of Hanoi. However, there are only some restaurants which has a long history and maintain a processing way over many generations.

bun cha

  1. Bún chả Đắc Kim

Located on Hang Manh street, Bun Cha Dac Kim has become a familiar address of foreign tourists arriving in the capital city to enjoy Ha Thanh Cuisine. With small space, customers have to be arranged on the upper floors or desks and chairs right on the sidewalk during peak hours.

bun cha dac kim

Dac Kim name comes from the first owner of the shop in 1965. Now, the takeover owners are the next generations in the family. Outstanding feature here is the ingredient selection. They only choose some special part of pork meat, chop with a knife and then mix with spices, onion, garlic and fish sauce then grill over charcoal.

Each bun cha dish here is prepared with fresh vegetable, herbs and the cost is from 50.000 to 60.000 VN dong per dish. Despite complaints about the lack of space to sit or prices somewhat expensive than other places, restaurant is always crowded and become a culinary icon of Ha Thanh.

  1. Bún chả Duy Diễm

Driving through streets crowded Ngoc Khanh, you’re often tempted by the smell of fried meat made up of small food shops. Right opposite the Giang Vo Exhibition, series Bun cha are located close together. However, of these, only the bun cha Duy Diem is a long address with 20 years experience, tastes differently from the remaining rows.

bun cha duy diem

Anyone who is a fan of bun cha also love the sweet shop through each piece of meat. Each dish costs 40,000 with the thick meat and flavor smell from onion pieces.

Space of shop is rather comfortable with many kind of tables from 2pax to maximum 10pax. People like the quality of ingredient here and service attitude of staffs are very enthusiastic.

  1. Bún chả Sinh Từ

A public address attracts almost people who has a long memory about Hanoi. Bún chả Sinh Từ is located on Nguyen Khuyen Street. Word “Sinh Từ” comes from the original name of this street on the last century. The shop was found in the years 70s, nowadays, it’s still well known for its delicious dish and reasonable price, only 35.000 VN dong per dish.

Bún chả Sinh Từ

The secret of broth mixture and bun cha recipe is never revealed, the owner only shares the importance in creating its own flavor of Bun Cha is on the way you choose pork meat. When a big is killed, the owner have to choose the nice pork and mix with spices so that clients won’t remember forever.