Burgers, pickles, eggs, sausage or pate, quiche are favourite food of Vietnamese people but also fascinate foreigners in general and visitors from the West in particular when arrive in Hanoi. The origional bread was introduced by the French during its colonial period, the Vietnamese have many variations using native ingredients such as cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots or daikon to satisfy personal tastes. Foreigners often call Vietnamese sandwich, banh mi Vietnam or banh mi sandwich.

Banh Mi (Bread) 2

Street cuisine always has a special attraction for tourists. The Rough Guides has launched a list of 20 best dishes in which includes Vietnamese bread.

Day after day, there are variations of bread to attract more customers, food are diverse and abundant than before. The bread shops are open opened like mushrooms after rain; bread has been “Westernized” with egg, steak not much more with sausage, pate…

Where to find real Vietnamese bread ?

If you want to find a loaf of bread “old” taste-standard of Hanoi in the winter time, we recommend you some below shops.

Banh mi pho co – 38 Dinh Liet

banh my 38

Located on the opposite side with Van Than noodle shop at Dinh Liet Street, Banh mi pho co make you feel incredibly simple. There are many options on sale as dumplings, bread pan … but the main dish here is burger with familiar ingredients such as ham, pate, char siu. Unknown exact birth time of the shop, but the bread here is quite famous with homemade ingredients, especially the price is affordable. With around 20-25.000 VND, you can own a hot bread that is a perfect match for the chilly weather in Hanoi. You can add some more traditional sauce, if you like.

Banh mi Mrs. Dan – 34 Lo Su

banh my pho co

Appearing in Hanoi since 1979, bread Ba Dan is one of the oldest bakeries in the capital. According to Mr. Binh (Dan’s son, who inherited this brand), in the old days, they sold a thousand of bread per day. Over time, as many other bread shops appear, bread Ba Dan retains trademark as the most delicious bread with nicest flavor of pate. He adds, to meet the increasing customers’ needs, he created a few recipes to make sandwiches more tasty and exotic. For every 3 hours, they change new bread one time to make bread always hot and fresh. Another plus point of the shop is that it is clean if you want to sit down to eat. Remember do not forget to try in here.

Bread Ba Dan shop at Lo Su Street is always crowded

Bread is changed continuously to ensure flavor and crispness.

Nguyen Sinh Bread – Banh mi Nguyen Sinh – 19 Ly Quoc Su

banh my nguyen sinh 1

Forerunner of bread Nguyen Sinh is one of the first restaurants in Hanoi. Banh mi Nguyen Sinh still has the most special liver pate in Hanoi. Also if you have time, you can choose many different types such as bacon, ham, sausage … eat together with side dish. As an old bakery, it has its own recipes so the bread prices are also slightly higher comparing with other brands. The bread here e here always brings clean and palatable feeling.